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Photography is a truly fulfilling hobby, it can bring lots of joy to your life. Here are our reasons to inspire you to pick up a camera today.

1. Taking pictures as a hobby keeps you engaged

It can be challenging to pay attention to your surroundings if you’ve ever gone for a walk and found yourself staring down at your smartphone the entire time.
Having a task to complete while you’re out and about can encourage greater present-moment awareness and awareness of your environment. While you’re outside, assign yourself a task, like snapping pictures of street art or wildlife. Getting your daily exercise will seem less like a chore and will have a purpose this way.

2. It challenges your mind

You don’t need to be an expert to take photos for fun.
In fact, modern cameras are so simple to use that you most likely won’t even require any training. But there’s always more to learn if you want to sharpen your abilities. You can experiment with landscape, wildlife, portrait and other types of photography. Change your camera’s settings from “auto” to “manual” and enjoy seeing how many new things you can learn.

3. It’s inexpensive

Although cameras are more affordable than ever, some hobbies demand a lot of equipment. A few decades ago, access to a dark room and the necessary film stock were prerequisites for becoming a photographer. Your smartphone already has a camera these days. You can always borrow equipment from a fellow photographer on KitSplit or reserve a studio for the day on Peerspace if you do want to utilize more expensive equipment or don’t want to bring your DSLR with you when you travel.

4. You can keep a life journal

It’s simple to use photography to document your life, whether you’re making a scrapbook of your travels or taking a snapshot of yourself each day for a year.
Look back through your images to be reminded of your travels, the people you spent time with, and even the dishes you prepared this past year! To keep distant friends and family informed, send them pictures. If you want to grow your personal brand on social media, share the pictures there.

5. You can record the environment around you

Images may instantly become viral, and photographs have the power to alter the world. You never know when your shot will have an impact, whether you’re a street photographer covering riots in Nairobi, Kenya, or a wildlife photographer recording habitats being impacted by climate change. People may gain new perspectives from your photographs. For inspiration, have a look at www.photoshops.co.ke

6. You’ll get to know some fresh faces

Although it may appear that photography is a solitary pursuit, there are many chances to interact with others. You don’t have to do everything yourself, from joining photography clubs on Meetup to finding models to work with on social media. Nowadays, the majority of photographers have Instagram profiles, so if you’re trying to work with others, that’s a great place to start. Just be considerate and mindful that a lot of models may demand payment for their time.

7. You can do it anyplace

It’s difficult to bring a guitar on an airline. Painting may result in a mess. However, cameras are portable, and using one does not need special skills or physical prowess. From the luxury of your own studio or the backseat of a car, you can capture pictures. Even without much effort, you may get a drone and take amazing aerial photographs.

8. You get immediate gratification

Yes, you could use Photoshop to make some little adjustments or apply an Instagram effect. However, what you see is generally what you get.
You don’t have to wait for your prints to arrive in the mail or for the paint to dry. You can try something again if it doesn’t work until you get it right.

9. You could generate passive money

To generate money from your photography, you don’t have to be a professional photographer. Even if you merely view photography as a hobby, stock photo marketplaces like Twenty20 and Shutterstock can help you make a little additional money. You won’t make a lot of money unless you have a lot of images, but every time someone licenses your work, you’ll get paid a little amount. And if your pastime turns into a full-time job, you’ll probably open your own photo studio. If so, listing it on Peer-space will allow you to generate even more passive revenue. You establish the guidelines as a Peer-space host while providing other photographers with access to a spotless, secure, and motivational setting.

10. No risk

Though you might not consider hobbies to be particularly risky, simply starting a sport might result in a broken limb. If you take up photography as a hobby, you probably won’t get wounded unless you’re snapping selfies with wildlife. Except for your studio lights, there are no heavy objects, dangerous edges, or combustible materials to be concerned about. You can always purchase insurance if you’re concerned about dropping or damaging your equipment.

11. It can be combined with other hobbies

For those with a wide range of interests, photography is the perfect hobby because you can combine it with just about any other pastime.
You can take pictures of trains, animals, classic automobiles, stars, people, meals, buildings, and so much more. Learn to capture images of the moon if astronomy is your area of interest. Underwater photography is something you may practice if you enjoy scuba diving.

The best part is that you can engage in most of these activities with the same camera. You may switch between different types of photography by just changing lenses. Additionally, photography is a wonderful addition to other creative pursuits like writing or music. You can create your own album cover or use your pictures to complement your memoir. Additionally, it’s an excellent starting point for filming.

As a hobby, we think you’ll agree that taking up photography is a fun choice. There is no excuse not to give it a try with such a low entrance barrier and so many opportunities to get started.

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