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Every year, current trends have an impact on photography and art, just like they do in fashion. These patterns may have a significant impact on the kinds of images that sell well and the requests that clients make during photo sessions. If you’re ahead of the curve, knowing what’s popular and being able to incorporate some of these trends into your work will help your photography stand out from the crowd! Check out these top 5 photography trends for 2022 if you’re unsure of what new styles your clientele could be interested in.

1. Outdoor photography and rustic backdrops

Over the past few years, the pandemic has affected a number of significant trends, and in 2022, the popularity of outside photographs and portraits as well as rustic backgrounds will continue to grow. Landscape photographs serve as motivation for anyone seeking to be outside and active, while outdoor portrait sessions provide customers a secure, socially-distant setting.

Rustic settings for still life shots are expected to stay popular among photographers who focus on producing stock imagery. It will stand out if you use natural materials, earthy colors, and concentrate on producing an organic, natural vibe.

2. High-concept images

An increase in “high drama” images is another significant trend we’ve noticed this year. These images combine realistic and fantastical aspects to produce interesting, eye-catching works. Using high contrast elements, lighting effects, odd hues, and various techniques like forced perspective and close-up zooms, can add drama to your photography.

3. Authenticity and unfiltered pictures

This year, we expect to see a significant increase in the trend of capturing life as it is, without any filters. Realistic, authentic images will be more popular than ever as more people share their lives online with friends, family, and followers and use their digital presence to connect with others. You should experiment with minimum editing on some of your shots or stick to alterations that look natural and authentic, whether you’re photographing “candid” engagement photos or still life pictures.

4. Stunning colors

For 2022, bold, striking, vivid hues are in. Focusing on color may make your images eye-catching and intriguing, whether it’s a small splash of color or takes over the entire composition. Neon signs, objects with a high saturation level, and vivid buildings can all be used to capture vivid colors in a work.

5. Utilizing equipment in creative ways

The year 2022 is all about trying something new (or something old) and using various equipment, even though your favorite camera may be your best buddy. This includes taking creative images with modern technology, such as more sophisticated smartphones and drones. It also entails going back to traditional film photography, which lacks the same editing options as digital photography. This year, experiment with a new medium or piece of machinery to further your artistic exploration.

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