Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot.


Sometimes, in all the excitement of getting married, we forget that the greatest journey is yet to come.

After you make it past the wedding planning, the wedding day and the reception, it may seem as if all the “big stuff” is over. But really, it’s just the beginning, and if you’re like me, you started thinking about a sweet way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary about a week after the wedding. After all, without the wedding to plan, what are you to do with all this new time on your hands? A wedding anniversary photo shoot is a beautiful way to commemorate your life together and allow you to get back to what your love is all about – just the two of you.

Here are our suggestions on how you can go about it:

You can come up with a creative and cohesive theme for your anniversary shoot. A theme which will embrace the Past, Present, and Future.

For the past, you can return to your wedding reception site and bring in items from your wedding day, like wedding cards given by guests and your Photobook. Looking through your wedding photos and reading the cards together can bring back a lot of nostalgia and joy that you can share all over again.

For the present, you can celebrate with items that were a part of your wedding, like the sparkling wine and cake. You can even use the same wedding vendors for your photo shoot props. I suggest custom designed bottle labels to display your last name and wedding date.

For the future, you can make some lighthearted promises to each other.  I suggest you write those promises on anniversary cards and show each other afterwards.

Isn’t this a great way to celebrate your anniversary? Couples should consider the wedding anniversary photo shoot. Having a loved one to share a photo session experience with helps to build and strengthen your relationship. It will be amazing once you are older to have every anniversary photo shoot next to each other, to see yourselves age together.