Anne weds Patrick

Anne and Patrick had one of the most laid back weddings we’ve had the pleasure of photographing in a long time. The

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Kisha weds Steve

Kisha + Steve are a terrific couple that we truly felt privileged to photograph. They’re so laid back, easy to

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Sally weds Duncan

It’s been a while since we last made a blog post. I admit that we've been slacking in that department, but we're

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Grace weds George

Grace and George had an absolutely stunning wedding at the Simba Lodge, Naivasha. From her most gorgeous gown to

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Sally weds Arnold

We’ve been anxiously waiting to shoot Sally & Arnold’s wedding ever since we had our first meeting! After

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Christabel weds Maurice

Christabel and Maurice had one of the most amazing weddings we’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. We just

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Tindi weds Chris

Here’s a story of a couple bound by love and enriched with blessings from oodles of supportive friends, family and a

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Makena weds Michel

We are excited to share Michel and Makena’s special day. Their wedding was incredibly fun, and the weather was just

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Irene weds George

Irene and George fairly drip with humor and charisma even on a normal day… Adding the warmth and fun of a well

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